History and tradition backed by the art of master craftmanship, integrated by advanced technology.

The sense of stability of a long-established corporation and a
quick response and spirit of innovation matching the present age.

Having a deep passion for manufacturing and the power to carry out tenaciously.

Daiwa MT sustaining an evolutionary and competitive Japanese manufacturing

Since the establishment of our corporation in 1916「manufacturing」,our long experience of integrating craftmanship and the latest technology created a base that makes us always be able to provide high quality products. From the long past we are a powerful business partner to support development and manufacturing to a level beyond the expectations of our clients.


Total support from design to mass production
We can handle development designs from upstream processes to machines for mass production of downstream processes consistently.
We realize high quality, thorough cost control and meet short delivery dates.

100th. Anniversary of the establishment of our company.
Fortunately! One century.

From now on too we will meet your expectations. Backed up by our long history and tradition of integration of craftmanship and advanced technology. As a time-honored company we will continue to be an innovative, stable and company that is always coping with modern times.

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100th. Anniversary poster gallery

Sustaining manufacturing with a deep passion and so the Japanese economy.
"The factory boy"