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Diversified design for NIES
Our aim is seeking CLASS-A-SURFACE and challenging speed.

At present there is an abundance of various design products around us, in this actual situation we focus continuously on advancing the digital process of design development.
The quality and speed of design data of development in the upper stream process flow has a big effect on the next process.
To realize back-up for design like this, Daiwa MT has established a design data center in Atsugi-city in Kanagawa prefecture in July 2007.
By setting up a consecutive order system dealing from design data to design model blended with data technology and skill, we are from now on able to meet and realize the demands of our clients as a loyal partner.


Based on sketch model measuring data, point group data and various other information supplied by our customers, it is possible to create CLASS-A-SURFACE data for various purposes.

Data demanded by the design work floor…
We work with continuous devotion and an inquiring mind.

We create and provide various kinds of automobile exterior and interior design parts data suitable for our clients in NIES. Besides car industry we also provide design data for all kinds of other industrial products as well as high-quality data.

Input-output format

We can read all kinds of output formats supplied by our customers, without the occurrence of conversion error configure the model and deliver the output data in the by our clients requested configuration.

The essence of design without ignoring the power of expression.
Data creation technology that retains the ideas of the designer.


Evaluation of data from zebra shading

Evaluation from curvature diagnosis lines

※Provide rendering ICEM

※Provide rendering ICEM

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