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About handling of personal information

First of all,
Our company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, use it in an appropriate manner, find it a social responsibility to protect it and promise to do our best to protect personal information.

(Definition of personal information)

Personal information is information related to a person, e.g. name, birth date, sex, telephone number, email address, occupation, place of employment and so on, information that identifies a specific person.

(Acquisition and use of personal information)

Our company acquires and uses personal information only to the extent of the following aims.
* Necessary procedures in order to be able to deliver our company’s products.
* Necessary inquiries made by our company in order to perform our duties, verification and the acquirement of opinions for our services.
* Concerning any kind of inquiry.

(Providing personal information to a third party)

Our company does not provide personal information to a third party unless there is a legitimate reason based on the law and if it is necessary to provide that information we will always ask for permission from the person in question beforehand.

(Managing juridical persons)

In order to be able to execute our work, we have, in some cases, to provide personal information to some extent to a juridical person to send products to or provide services for our customers. In those cases we make sure that the juridical person is handling the personal information in an appropriate manner.

(Handling of personal information)
In order to protect personal information from leaking, loss or defamation, our company works according a security management procedure, keeps personal information behind passwords and deals with it in an appropriate manner.

(Referring, altering or deleting contents of personal information)

When our customers request us to refer, alter or delete personal information supplied by them, we deal with that in a legitimate way after confirming we are dealing with the person in question.

(Concerning permission of our customers)

The personal information we acquire and use in our company is supplied voluntarily.
When our customers supply personal information to us, our company deals with it according to this policy and uses personal information as permitted by our customers.

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